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The François Vase (2013, ~21’00”)

A Presser Music Award project

Description: The François Vase is a work for string quartet and video projection. Daniel Fox composed the score and the visual artist Gabriela Vainsencher created the video. This work begins to explore the use of space. Spatial movement and fragmentation of melodic, contrapuntal, and harmonic elements occurs throughout the work.

Score (Download the pdf file for proper viewing.)

Click Here for the Video with Live recording by the Momenta Quartet

(Video Cues: Acts I and II 0’oo”; Act III 8’12”; Act IV 12’33”; Act V 17’45”)

Acts I & II (mp3)   Recommended Listening: 2:56-3:50 (mm. 54-70) & 6:36-8:12 (mm. 119-142)

Act III (mp3)          Recommended Listening: 0:00-1:00 (m. 1-51) & 2:04-2:30 (mm. 104-128)

Act IV (mp3)          Recommended Listening: 1:36-3:14 (mm. 76-144) & 4:00-4:40 (mm. 180-206)

Act V (mp3)            Recommended Listening: 1:12-2:08 (mm. 12-20) & 2:39-3:38 (mm. 24-30)

(Live performance by the Momenta Quartet at The Rotunda, Philadelphia. 30 October 2013)

Juego de Lunas (2013, ~6’30”)

Description: A setting of Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem of the same name for soprano and chamber ensemble.

Score (Download the pdf file for proper viewing.)

mp3  Recommended Listening: 6:18-8:01 (mm. 104-127)

(Live performance by Temple University’s New Music Ensemble at Rock Hall, Philadelphia, PA. 2 December 2013)

Sonata for Violin and Piano (2012, ~13’00”)

Description: A three movement work for violin and piano.

Score (Download the pdf file for proper viewing.)

Movement 1 (mp3)   Recommended Listening: 2:11-3:12 (mm. 50-70)

Movement 2 (mp3)   Recommended Listening: 1:23-2:26 (mm. 14-23)

Movement 3 (mp3)   Recommended Listening: 1:50-2:45 (mm. 32 – 49) & 4:00-5:11 (mm. 70-85)

(Recorded by Noco Kawamura and Irene Moretto, Rock Hall, Philadelphia, PA. November 2012)

Intermezzo for Magnetic Resonator Piano (2011)

Description: A work for the newly invented Magnetic Resonator Piano. Please see the notes in the score for more information about the Magnetic Resonator Piano.

Score (Download the pdf file for proper viewing.)

mp3   Recommended Listening: 0:00-1:45 (mm. 1-21) & 2:35-3:25 (mm. 30-42)

(Live performance by Hunter Noack at New Musical Interfaces, London, UK. 18 April 2013)

Academic Writing Samples

“Multiple Time-Scales in Ades’s (2013, 23 pages with citation list)

“Imitation and Litany in Verdi’s Falstaff” (2011, 15 pages with citation list)

CV and Selected Compositions


Selected Compositions and Publications