Music (Peer Reviewed)

“Multiple Time-scales in Adès’s Rings,” Perspectives of New Music, Volume 52 No. 1 Winter 2014.

Music (Popular Reviews)

“I’m not hiding anything,” Interview with Alvin Lucier for VAN Magazine. 2017.

When Experimental Music Resonated with Abstract Art, Hyperallergic. 2017.

Training for a marathon string quartet at the Cloisters, Hyperallergic. 2016.

“Death is a hotel manager,” Title Magazine. 2013.

Mathematics (Peer Reviewed)

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Mathematics (Preprints)

  • Conservation laws for surfaces of constant mean curvature in 3-dimensional space forms; arXiv:1309.6606 (2013)
  • Killing fields and conservation laws for rank-1 Toda field equations; arXiv:1208.2634 (2012)