Music (Peer Reviewed)

“Multiple Time-scales in Adès’s Rings,” Perspectives of New Music, Volume 52 No. 1 Winter 2014.

Music (Popular Reviews)

“Sound travels surgically.” Interview with Suzanne Farrin for VAN Magazine. 2017.

“I’m not hiding anything,” Interview with Alvin Lucier for VAN Magazine. 2017.

When Experimental Music Resonated with Abstract Art, Hyperallergic. 2017.

Training for a marathon string quartet at the Cloisters, Hyperallergic. 2016.

“Death is a hotel manager,” Title Magazine. 2013.

Mathematics (Peer Reviewed)

  •  with Oliver Goertsches, Higher-order conservation laws for the non-linear Poisson equation via characteristic cohomology, Selecta Mathematica Volume 17, Issue 4 (2011), 795-831.
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Mathematics (Preprints)

  • Conservation laws for surfaces of constant mean curvature in 3-dimensional space forms; arXiv:1309.6606 (2013)
  • Killing fields and conservation laws for rank-1 Toda field equations; arXiv:1208.2634 (2012)