Sanctuary Residency Application Work Samples

Thoughts Too Definite

Here are introductions to two of the radio shows. The introduction slowly changed over the course of the show, incorporating the music and words of the musicians I interviewed over the phone as I collected the interviews. So you will hear some materials recycled.

1. Thoughts Too Definite – Intro Sample 1 (2008)

2. Thoughts Too Definite – Intro Sample 2 (2008)


The François Vase (2013, ~21′)

Description: The François Vase is a work for string quartet and video projection. I composed the score and the visual artist Gabriela Vainsencher created the video. In this work I began to explore the use of space. Spatial movement and fragmentation of melodic, contrapuntal, and harmonic elements occurs throughout the work. The video features Greenchair Dance Group and the score is recorded by the Momenta Quartet.

The François Vase (Score) (Download the pdf file for proper viewing.)

Watch the video (Password: kanter)

Acts I & II (mp3)   Recommended Listening: 2:50-3:50 & 6:50-8:08

Act III Recommended Listening: 0:00-1:00 & 2:04-2:40

Act IV Recommended Listening: 1:40-2:05 & 4:00-4:42

***Act V Recommended Listening: 1:20-2:15 & 2:45-3:30



Juego de Lunas (2013, ~6’30”)

Description: A setting of Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem of the same name for soprano and chamber ensemble. The poem can be read as a criticism of how poetry about the moon precludes our direct perception of the moon. I set the poem so that the soprano’s material begins lyrically but comes to incorporate vocalizations whose meaning comes more from the directness of their sound than from the meaning they signify through tradition (i.e. the particular musical modes the invoke, or the meanings of the words).

Score (Download the pdf file for proper viewing.)

mp3  Recommended Listening: 6:18-8:01 (mm. 104-127)

(Live performance by Temple University’s New Music Ensemble at Rock Hall, Philadelphia, PA. 2 December 2013)