Sonata for violin and piano

Noco Kawamura (violin) and Irene Moretto (piano) will premiere my Sonata for violin and piano on Thursday 1 November as part of the Temple Composers Orchestra and New Chamber Music Concert in Rock Hall, Temple University Main Campus. The concert is at 7:30PM.

Program Notes:

This three movement sonata for violin and piano opens with grand gestures interrupted by short outbursts. The violin and piano have trouble synchronizing themselves. They become more aligned as the movement progresses and wander hand-in-hand to a strange place as the movement ends.

The second movement mourns something that was lost in the first. Brief moments of rising hope suffer enharmonic slight-of-hand, revealing that the music has in fact not progressed. In an attempt to break free, the piano delivers a momentous outburst. The result is a short, off-kilter dance for piano solo. This offers little solace. The piano turns to unfruitful meditations: note-by-note it builds up a tone cluster that drives the violin into an unbearable state of agitation.

The third movement releases the potential energy built over the first two movements by providing the music freedom of motion. Without shedding certain nervous twitches it has acquired during the journey, the music finds peace and ends quietly.

-Daniel Fox, 2012

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