The François Vase at the Rotunda

Francois Vase Momenta01

Stephanie Griffin of the Momenta Quartet performing along to the video projection of the Vase Shattering. Image Credit: Nikolai Fox

The Momenta Quartet premiered The François Vase to a full house at The Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA on Wednesday 30 October 2013. The tragic story of The François Vase was preceded by a moving performance of Bach’s Chaconne by Noco Kawamura.

Parker’s Box Gallery is sponsoring The New York premiere tonight, 1 November 2013, at Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn. Before tonight’s performance Guy Hedreen will give a lecture and slideshow on “The Dance of Death/Seduction/Triumph on the François Vase.” On Saturday we are headed to the recording studios at the Tisch School of Art to record the Momenta Quartet with John Gurrin.

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