Tone rehearsal


Open Call for Singers

to participate in a rehearsal of the sound sculpture

Tone (excerpt)

Pizza and beer will be served!

Time: 7-9pm Monday 22 August 2016.

Place: The 8-Story “Stairwell C” at The Graduate Center, 5th Avenue and 34th St., Manhattan


The rehearsal: Join your voice in sustaining a single tone over an extended period of time by passing it between groups of singers positioned over the eight stories of a spacious and resonant stairwell. A slow undulation in the sustained tone is articulated as the sound moves vertically through space, passed between singers.

The music: Tone (excerpt) lives on the border between process and object. A single vocalized tone cycles between spatially separated groups of singers, slowly shifting the timbre and location of the sound in a richly resonant acoustic space. Tone (excerpt) moves precariously through time; the same unchanging tone is perpetually remade through different voices.

Here is the score.

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