Species, Monsters, Things Artificial

Critic Steve Smith included the concert Species, Monsters, Things Artificial from summer 2019 at 601 Artspace as part of his best of 2019! He wrote:

This intimate concert featuring the violinist Pala Garcia, the violist Hannah Levinson, and the cellist John Popham, presented in a cozy Chinatown art gallery just slightly off the beaten path, allowed the composer Daniel Fox to showcase a terrific new piece, Viola and Cello, contextualized alongside like-minded works by Catherine Lamb and Suzanne Farrin. The highlight, though, was a beautifully re-conceived version of Alvin Lucier’s sublime Lovesong, in which Garcia tread a slow, attentive arc around Popham, their instruments conjoined with a resonating wire. (Watch video from the concert here.)

Thanks to Alvin Lucier for allowing us to perform Lovesong in a new arrangement. The premiere of the original version by String Noise is here. They also gave a fantastic performance of Lucier’s music, including Lovesong and the premier of Halo, at Happy Lucky No. 1 as part of Pauline Kim’s Stone Series residency.

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